Real Life Champions: Kay F. Kramer

Dad Champions RoomOn Father’s Day, I’m please to introduce my Dad, Kay Kramer, Honorary Chairman of the Board of She Kan! Golf as my first featured Real Life Champion.

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1. Number of years golfing:  Dad started golfing on Senior Day, the day before his high school graduation in Le Mars, Iowa, at the Le Mars Country Club.  (Let’s see, I think this works out to about a 57 year love of golf.)

2. Current Handicap:  18  (Dad has also enjoyed two holes-in-one)

Dad and KK Hilton Head3. Number of rounds played per year:  An average of 3 times per week, May through October, and then a week here or there when he and Mom travel to Orlando, Hilton Head, Colorado, or Scottsdale during the Iowa off-season, which makes for nearly 90 rounds per year.  (Most of Dad’s golf these days is for pleasure and a few charity outings, but he used to play quite a lot of business golf, too, before he retired).

4. Most important Life Lesson golf taught you:  Patience and not to get upset.  “A bad round is not the end of all.”  He’s also recognized with the aging process “and etc., he said,” he plays as good as possible or will be able to, with no realistic expectations or aspirations to shoot a round of 72 again.

Kramer's Otis Golf Car5. Biggest golf disappointment experienced: As President of Urbandale Golf and CC, he had to recognize and accept the expectations of the members (limited by a landlocked 9-Hole course)were things that could never happen.

6. Advice to the Golf Industry:  “If you want to industry to grow, recognize more opportunities for the average golfer.  The average golfer plays for fun and some courses are designed to be too tough; way beyond the skill level of the average golfer.  Sure I enjoy a challenge, but not at the kind of course where I have no way to end up with a reasonable score; I will look for somewhere else to play.”

7. “Two Cents” about Business Golf:  Very positive.  Conducted a lot of business on the golf course.  “You get to know your customer and they get to know you.  You can watch each others habits and each others conduct which translates to doing business in much of the same way.” “My boss was an avid golfer, too.  Many times after we’d finish work, we’d play golf somewhere to wind down, especially if we were traveling.  I was introduced to Hilton Head because of Business Golf.”

Dad Disney Golf Orlando8. Go-to resource for all things golf:  The Golf Channel – “Enjoyable!”

9. Go-to “club” is: Cobra Metal 5 Wood

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10. Favorite Course:  The Marriott Shipyard in Hilton Head

11. Favorite Golf Travel Destination: Hilton Head, South Carolina

Mom and Dad Pinehurst12. Best meal ever enjoyed at a golf course or after a round of golf:  Pine Crest Inn, after playing Pinehurst No. 2. (Pine Crest Inn is the former residence of the great Donald Ross).

13. Favorite Pro Tourney to watch on TV:  The Masters

Arnold Palmer Bay Hill 198414. Three Pro’s You’d like to be the “Fourth” with: Gary Player, Arnold Palmer and Fuzzy Zoeller

15. Three Celebrities You’d like to be the “Fourth” with:  Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Peter Jacobsen

16. Favorite Foursome to play with (Dad’s great friends): Byron Browne, John von Gillern, and Dick White

17. Best golf-life advice you’ve ever received:  “Slow down” shared by PGA Pro, John Dinnebier

18. Favorite Memory of Family Golf:  being called by the starter to the first tee at the old Dessert Inn in Las Vegas as the Kramer vs. Kramer foursome.

Dad and Scott DMGCC WinnersBonus Details:

Favorite Prize ever won:  “Winning the crystal during the Des Moines Golf Country Club Invitational when my son-in-law was my playing partner.”

“We’ve always met some really nice people when we’ve been paired up while playing golf in some really beautiful places.”

Thanks for a lifetime of golf, Dad!  Love you – KK